• NASA’s Latest Telescope Will Research Why Mars Lost So Much Liquid

    Mars will be one of the primary focuses for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope as the circling observatory accumulates more information to realize why the Red Planet lost such a great amount of water over its 4.5-billion-year history. In the antiquated past, Mars’ surface likely facilitated a sea as profound as the Mediterranean Sea. As […]

  • Canada not prepared for driverless autos, Senate report says

    Driverless cars are already a reality and will become common on our roads in the near future. But a new report from the Senate Committee on Transportation and Communication says this country is not prepared for the new technology and measures must be taken to ensure safety. — Experimental vehicles, such as those operated by […]

  • Twitter suspends verification tool after white nationalist rally organizer gets check mark

    Twitter’s blue verification badge has evolved to signify importance within the Twitter community, though the social giant recently faced backlash by awarding a badge to well-known white supremacist Jason Kessler. Kessler recently made headlines for being an organizer of the far-right Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville, Va. this past August. Twitter’s current policy is to add […]

  • Net neutrality changes in U.S. could impact Canada

    The epic battle in the U.S. over who gets to shape the future of the internet got even more heated this week when President Barack Obama weighed in in favour of net neutrality, urging regulators to ban cable companies from creating a two-tier information superhighway that would allow some websites to buy their way into a fast lane. “We cannot […]

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    Astronomers unveil secrets of interstellar visitor

    Astronomers say they’ve learned more about the first known object to enter our solar system from deep space, including its size and colour. New data from the European Southern Observatory’s telescopes and others around the world have revealed that the asteroid — spotted last month, already speeding away from the sun —  is rocky, cigar-shaped and about 400 metres […]

  • Uber admits covering up 2016 hack that affected millions

    ​Uber is coming clean about its cover-up of a year-old hacking attack that stole personal information about more than 57 million of the beleaguered ride-hailing service’s customers and drivers. So far, there’s no evidence that the data taken has been misused, according to a Tuesday blog post by Uber’s recently hired CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. Part […]