• China’s Ladies Just Tram Autos, Where Men Surge In

    It is, maybe, a certain reality in one of the world’s busiest metro frameworks. Jump on a prepare amid surge hour in the southern city of Guangzhou and you may discover your face squeezed against the back of a man’s down coat, your knees slammed by somebody’s tote and your middle jabbed by a vagrant […]

  • These Bearded Newfoundlanders Became Mermen For A Good Cause

    These dudes were mer-made to be models. To raise money for a local charity, the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club just released a dudeoir calendar of some of their sassiest members dressed as mermen. The 2018 calendar is called MerB’ys, a phrase that combines the word merman with the Newfoundland term “b’y” (pronounced “bye”), a gender neutral term similar to […]

  • Commit To Living A Life Without Limits

    Whenever I approach a new project in my life, I like to imagine that there are no limits to what I can achieve. The concept of being limitless is invigorating. I hear freedom in the word “limitless.” The idea of living without constraints and limits is an incredibly liberating one. What would you do if […]

  • Jimmy Fallon Returns To ‘The Tonight Show’ With Tribute To His Late Mother

    Jimmy Fallon returned Monday to “The Tonight Show” after canceling a week’s worth of shows due to the death of his mother, Gloria. A family spokesperson said Fallon and other loved ones were by his mother’s bedsidewhen she died on Nov. 4 from an undisclosed illness at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. On Monday’s broadcast, Fallon thanked […]

  • This Is How Much People Are Spending On Engagement Rings In 2017

    With the holidays coming up, many of us are starting to think of gifts to buy our loved ones. But for those of us in long-term relationships, we may have only one thing on our minds: getting engaged. That’s right, folks, proposal season is on the horizon and come Christmas Day, some of us might […]

  • Headaches, Facial Pain Feel Worse Because Nerves Linked To Emotion: Study

    If you find headaches more painful and emotionally draining than other body pain, you’re not imagining it, according to a new study. Duke University researchers have found that sensory neurons in the face and head are directly connected to one of the big emotional signalling hubs in the brain.   This explains why pain from your eyes, […]

  • Experts Say Putting Up Christmas Decorations Early Can Make You Happier

    It’s easy to snicker when you see houses decked out in festive lights and reindeer on the lawn just weeks into November. But next time you see a Christmas tree glittering in a window hold your tongue, ’cause the people who are already in the spirit have something you may not: happiness. That’s right, Scrooge […]

  • How To Cope With The Holidays When You Have Social Anxiety

    The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they can also be stressful, particularly if you find social gatherings, large crowds, and a busy schedule overwhelming. “The holidays can be stressful and anxiety can be at an all-time high,” Ryan Dumont, an OCD wellness advocate, tells HuffPost Canada. “Whether it is the pressure of preparing […]

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Lots of speculation and a new kind of royal relationship

    Maybe they’re already secretly engaged. Or maybe not.  Breathless headlines have speculated for months on whether — or when — Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Toronto-based, California-born actress Meghan Markle, might announce a royal wedding is in the cards. Swirling speculation around high-profile Royal Family members is nothing new, but the way in which this relationship has evolved […]