Book Perusing Most Prominent Amusement for Bulgarians: Study

As per an across the country overview directed by Alpha Research office in front of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Alphabet on Thursday, 66 percent of Bulgarian respondents said they had perused a book in the most recent year, a development of 6 percent contrasted with 2014.

Moreover, 46 percent of Bulgarians purchased a book a year ago, up 9 percent from 2014, the overview appeared.

In the interim, 47 percent of those surveyed went to a music show in the most recent year, each third Bulgarian appreciated a dramatic execution, and each fourth viewed a Bulgarian film in the silver screen.

The expanding versatility of Bulgarians, development of residential tourism and expanded regard for social legacy have prompted a genuine enthusiasm for this bearing also, the organization stated, including that 32 percent of respondents have gone to a display, gallery or archeological removal in the previous year.

In any case, there was a reasonable asymmetry of the open doors for social life relying upon where individuals live, the office said. From 45 percent to 55 percent of those living in extensive urban areas communicated solid fulfillment with chances to encounter culture, while about 40 percent of occupants in residential areas asserted there were no such exercises by any stretch of the imagination.